G         D                           G

   1. I have a dream, a song to sing,

                       D                        G

       to help me cope with anything.

                            D                           G

       If you see the wonder of a fairy tale,

                                D                           G

       you can take the future, even if you fail.


                       D                                    C                   G

 R:  I believe in angels, something good in everything I see,

                        D                                 C                     G

      I believe in angels, when I know the time is right for me,

                            D - D7             G

       I cross the stream  -  I have a dream.


                   D                    G

   2. I have a dream of fantasy,

                         D             G

       to help me through reality.

                          D                                     G

       And my destination makes it worth the while,

                                    D                              G

       pushing through the darkness still another mile.


         3. = 1